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It all started 30 years ago.

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Over 30 years ago, our Executive Director, Brenda Mott, encountered her first creative reuse center in Boston while she was studying to be a teacher. After moving to Kansas City more than 20 years ago, Brenda utilized the resources at the Recycled Materials Center (RMC) in the Children’s Museum of Kansas City to enhance her classroom lessons and encourage creativity with her own children. Eventually, Brenda became the Program Director at the museum allowing her to spend hours in the RMC creating projects for museum events and programs from scraps. After the museum closed, Brenda’s passion for creative reuse continued and she recognized that unique and inexpensive creative materials were missing from the Kansas City landscape.

One Saturday, while Brenda and her husband, Jeff, were serving breakfast to the homeless in Kansas City, they were told by the homeless that they wanted something to do during the day to break up the monotony street life brought every day. Jeff and Brenda knew this was the nudge they needed and opened ScrapsKC as a way to give back to the city that has given so much to their family.

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Our Founder

Brenda from Scraps KC

Brenda Mott

Born to parents who were Depression Era children, Brenda learned the value of creative reuse from an early age. Clothes were mended, forts were built using materials found in the empty lot, and crafts were made from what was lying around the house.

As a teacher, funding was always tight for classroom supplies, but Brenda creatively educated her students using the principals of creativity and stretching what was available that she had learned as a child. She saw the valuable lessons students learned about problem solving and creative thinking that needed to take place when supplies were limited.

As Brenda’s family began to grow, she took a break from working to enjoy her children and spent countless hours as a volunteer for various non-profits throughout Kansas City. It is through volunteering in the community and with her church that Brenda learned about Kansas City and its vast array of needs.

In 2007, her oldest children introduced Brenda and her husband, Jeff, to serving the needs of the homeless throughout the city. After visiting camps with their children’s youth group, their family began serving the homeless by handing out items from their car windows. In 2014, Jeff and Brenda decided to begin serving breakfast on Saturdays outside the main library in Kansas City. Through this simple meal, Jeff and Brenda met and built relationships with many of the men and women who call the street their home. It is these men and women who frequent the store for friendship, food, refuge and to give back to the community using their gifts and talents.

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