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Having a party at Scraps KC

Dear Friends of Scraps KC,
The holidays are a perfect time for making dreams come true. It has always been a dream of mine to open Kansas City’s first creative reuse center. As the founder of Scraps KC, thanks to the generous support of many of you, we celebrated our third month in business, just in time to add a dose of inspired creativity to the holidays!

What is a creative reuse center?

Scraps KC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides businesses and industrial centers in greater Kansas City with a place to donate their discarded materials like vinyl, outdoor fabrics, yarn, metals, woods, carpet squares, paper, plastics, cardboard tubes, and much more that would otherwise end up in the landfills. Instead of throwing items into a landfill, businesses donate materials to Scraps KC to be resold to artists, teachers, DIYers, scouts, churches, makers, other individuals and organizations at a dramatically reduced cost. Scraps KC also provides a central location for these individuals and groups to learn about creative reuse and to design works of art for themselves.

Our mission: Inspire creativity in art and education, positively impact the environment, and provide hope for the homeless

In 2016…

  • Scraps KC opened its doors in September with over twenty commercial partners and an inventory of more than 12 tons of materials diverted from the landfills. Yes, that is almost 25,000 pounds!
  • Scraps KC had almost 2,000 people visit the retail location in our first two months to purchase materials, artistically create in the make-and-take studio, host a birthday party, and in some cases generously volunteer their time.
  • Scraps KC provides volunteer opportunities for the homeless with the possibility of earning a paid position. For their time and efforts, they are provided food, clothing, and hygiene items to assist them with everyday living needs. Eight homeless members of our community have logged well over 100 hours of volunteer time through November, and then joined us for Thanksgiving dinner at Scraps so we could show them our tremendous appreciation.

ADOPT A CLASS to enhance the educational opportunities for our students

Schools everywhere struggle to find supplies for everyday classroom needs. Many teachers wonder how they’ll find the supplies needed for an entire school year; research shows that teachers, on average, spend $600 per school year out of their own pocket to close the gap. On December 1st, Scraps KC launched a program to help our teachers and students.

You can adopt a class in the greater KC metro area that is less economically advantaged, and we’ll provide school supplies and other resources to ensure students have what they need for their school projects. All school supplies donated to classrooms have been re-purposed from schools and community members that would otherwise discard the materials. How does this work?

Adopting a classroom or donating online is easy as Scraps KC is a 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are tax-deductible.

or the following donation, Scraps KC will provide…

  • $50 provides 1 box of supplies and Scraps KC materials in August for back-to-school
  • $100 provides 1 box of supplies and Scraps KC materials in August for back-to-school AND 1 box of refreshed supplies and materials in January
  • $300 provides 1 box of supplies of Scraps KC materials in August and January AND 1 onsite workshop designed and taught by Scraps KC
  • $500 provides 1 package of school supplies for every student in the class AND a Scraps KC workshop

You can also donate an amount less than $50 and it will be placed in a pool that will accumulate to provide the benefits outlined above.

Our initial goal is to impact AT LEAST 100 local classrooms in 3 months! We will continue our fundraising through the summer and attempt to match that number of classrooms when kids return to school next August.

As you think about your holiday and year-end donations, consider how your funds can go to a local classroom for school supplies that inspire educational possibilities. Also check to see if your company has a matching program to double your donation!

It’s with heart-felt gratitude that I thank all of you for your past and continued support of Scraps KC. YOU make all of our efforts possible and your donations will help us continue our essential work in the community.

Please visit Scraps KC at 1324 W. 12th Street, 2nd Floor, in Kansas City, Mo., adjacent to the 12 th Street Bridge. Scraps KC is open from noon to 5 p.m., Tuesday through Friday, and 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. on Saturday.

We hope you have a blessed holiday season!

Brenda Mott
Executive Director, Scraps KC

About Scraps KC

Scraps KC is a non-profit, creative reuse center that strives to reduce industrial waste and home recyclables through the upcycling and creative reimagining of products and materials normally destined for a landfill. Creative reuse is the process of adding creativity to an already manufactured item to produce a new function in dynamic and artistic ways. Discarded items are resold to the public, such as families, teachers, artists, and other groups for further creative reuse. Workshops, birthday parties and other events also are provided by request. Check the website for the latest events at
Scraps KC at or follow Scraps KC on Facebook.

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