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A jet pack made of foam and bottles at Scraps KC

Jet Pack Fun at Scraps KC

By Creations
A jet pack made of foam and bottles at Scraps KC

One of our favorite creation ideas this month has been the amount of jet packs we’ve seen! What a creative way to spark an adventure and provide an outlet for the imagination.

About Scraps KC

Scraps KC is a non-profit, creative reuse center that strives to reduce industrial waste and home recyclables through the upcycling and creative reimagining of products and materials normally destined for a landfill. Creative reuse is the process of adding creativity to an already manufactured item to produce a new function in dynamic and artistic ways. Discarded items are resold to the public, such as families, teachers, artists, and other groups for further creative reuse. Workshops, birthday parties and other events also are provided by request. Check the website for the latest events at
Scraps KC at or follow Scraps KC on Facebook.

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