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Finding Creative Second-Life for 200 Tons of KC’s Material Waste

By December 14, 2020Textiles

A seamstress purchased this adorable fabric with good intentions. But, it sat on her shelf until she no longer had use for it and brought it to ScrapsKC.  

Over this week we’re going to follow how this fabric both found a creative, heart-warming new use and offers one approach to the environmental concern of 11,000 million tons of discarded textiles choking landfills.

ScrapsKC started in 2016 with the belief that ‘reduce-reuse-refuse’ of material offered our community a winning formula with environmental and social benefits. Before the doors opened, founders Brenda and Jeff Mott spent many months reaching out to businesses and manufacturers for by-products otherwise headed to the landfill. Brenda and Jeff ended up stockpiling 12 tons of creative reuse materials in their house for the beginning of ScrapsKC.

From that original 12 tons four years ago, the Kansas City community, businesses and manufacturers have helped us divert over 200 tons of materials from the landfill! These items have been resold to support our mission, redirected to other organizations in need, or responsibly disposed of. Designers, teachers, families, makers and other community members visit Scraps to find unique items to creatively reuse. Our joy comes from seeing unwanted items transformed into something of value by our talented customers.

Check back Wednesday to see how a ScrapsKC volunteer is creatively reusing these colorful textile pieces.

To find out more about our environmental work, here.