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A New Quilt Finds A Happy New Use

By December 18, 2020Textiles

The quilt is just about finished! It will be donated to Project Linus which distributes homemade blankets to children in need of comfort. It’s hard to imagine the reassurance and happiness this colorful quilt will bring to a child this Christmas.

Since ‘reduce-reuse-recycle’ was introduced in 1976, recycle has been most ingrained in our thoughts and actions about waste. It may surprise you that of the three r’s, recycling is the most harmful to our environment. Precious resources such as water and electricity are used in abundance during the actual recycling process. Transporting discarded items from curbside bin to recycle plant to production site of new materials to point of sale requires trucks and trains sending emissions into the atmosphere. The recycling process of even one plastic bottle greatly impacts the earth and its resources.

At ScrapsKC we encourage our community to ‘reduce-reuse-refuse’. Purchase less. Use what you have. And, don’t accept it if you don’t need it.

By simply reusing the colorful, unwanted fabric for this quilt, our volunteer produced three wins — reduced landfill waste, created an invaluable treasure, and transformed the life of a child in-need. 

We greatly appreciate your interest in our mission at ScrapsKC.

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