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Donate Material?

Donated items are given to teachers for FREE in our Teacher Resouce Center, or are sold for pennies on the dollar and used by artists, teachers, children and other creative-minded individuals for creative and educational purposes. Sale proceeds allow us to provide free materials for Kansas City educators and the homeless in volunteering at ScrapsKC.

Material Drop Off

Donate Materials in Boxes


Community members can drop off during store hours

Call 816.608.1533 for business donation pick up. Five box minimum for pick up.

We prefer your donations to arrive in boxes. It's easier to manage 2,000-5,000 pounds of weekly donations if they are in boxes.

Contact us if you have questions about your donation and what we will accept. Pictures of items are also welcome.

Maps & Directions


Material Donations

ScrapsKC loves creative and educational scraps and so do our customers. Unwanted school and office, craft items, and textiles you have around the house can be dropped off at ScrapsKC. Please review our NEW list of items we are accepting or, if you have any questions about a donation, please contact the store.


School Supplies

Teach your students to be good environmental stewards. Start a ScrapsKC collection box in your school and have students fill the box with their unwanted school supplies. Don't forget to have teachers clean their closests, too, and share unwanted supplies and manipulatives with ScrapsKC.


Business Scraps

Has your office been sitting empty since COVID? Are you downsizing or just moving offices? Don't let supplies go to waste or to the landfill. Support our local educators by donating unwanted office supplies to ScrapsKC and will get them into the hands of teachers for free.

Homeless Care

Helping others happens in many ways. Your donations provide a place of refuge and care for the homeless.

Help Us Care for the Homeless

We are always collecting supplies for the homeless that we work with on a daily basis. Due to our small storage space, we accept some items year round and others only seasonally. Please view our list of homeless care supplies for ideas on what to bring, or purchase something off our Amazon Wishlist or Walmart Wishlist to donate to our Outreach Closet.

Donate gift cards for the homeless

Do you have an assortment of gift cards with just a few cents on each of them? We combine them to purchase materials to sustain our homeless. We also accept $5 and $10 gift cards for Quik Trip that are given to our homeless volunteers as needed.