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Curiosity, Learning & Creative Reuse In KC

By December 28, 2020Uncategorized

We are curious. Always fascinated with the possibility of the world. We believe that learning takes place wherever you are. We teach and learn everyday. Education is deeply ingrained in ScrapsKC’s work. It has to be when your mission is “Creative Reuse.”

Over the last few weeks we’ve told you about ScrapsKC’s programs to protect Kansas City’s environment through material reuse and to help the homeless through personal renewal. In our final installment we’d like to show you how the third program  – education – underlies all our efforts.

KC’s Manufacturing Core As Learning Resource

Kansas City is a wonderfully creative city with a small town feel. But, hidden away in parts of Kansas City is a large manufacturing industry. Chinet plates, squeegees, beer, cars, rubber gaskets and a multitude of everyday items are just some of the things manufactured in Kansas City.  At ScrapsKC, we see the manufacturing industry as an opportunity to learn!

Manufacturing creates waste and ScrapsKC wants to keep that waste out of the landfill. ScrapsKC works tirelessly to find manufacturers creating byproducts that can be creatively reused. But, part of our quest is to learn more about the manufacturing processes so we can educate our customers about Kansas City industries, the environmental impact and the opportunities created by manufacturing.

The rubber pieces (above) are by-products from the squeegee industry. These colorful shapes are punched out of rubber strips before they are attached to the metal squeegee handle. Because rubber takes decades to break down in our landfills we give these little pellets another life. Teachers love them for classroom sensory boxes, they make a great mosaic and the shapes are perfect for a math lesson.

There’s more than just the by-products to learn about from manufacturing scraps. Think about the job skills required to make these items. Art, design, engineering, math, and machine operation are some hard skills needed to manufacture items. But, what about the soft skills, like problem solving, risk taking, awareness of the world around you, and working with others? These are the rich educational conversations we have with our customers at ScrapsKC by encouraging creative reuse. 

There are some unusual stories about unique products that have been manufactured (ask Brenda about the Weasand clip donation). Our mission to educate our community, about our community is paramount. Expand your knowledge. Become fascinated with the possibilities of the world. Come visit ScrapsKC.