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Giving Back in a Beautiful Way

By November 19, 2016September 22nd, 2017In the News
A turkey made with yarn

Original story from, November 2017, by Hope Malone-McPheeters

Brenda Mott and her family have been feeding the homeless in Kansas City for many years. They provided food, supplies, friendship and support, but realized that the one thing that they could not provide was one of the most important things they should: employment. So, in early 2016, they started planning and working towards a goal, the goal to open a store that would be able to provide job opportunities for the homeless and fulfill a passion for creative reuse. Scraps KC was born.

Scraps KC, located in the historic West Bottoms, is a nonprofit, creative reuse store focusing on creativity, education, sustainability and service to others. They provide opportunities for the homeless to volunteer, with the possibility of securing a paid position, as well as providing them with lunch, inside sanctuary while they work, and dignity and survival items for the hours they work.The store is filled with a multitude of creative, colorful, and useful materials that would normally end up in the landfill. Businesses, manufacturers, schools and community members donate items that would be useful to artists, teachers, makers, churches, scouts, DIYers, and other creative people, instead of throwing the items out. The store is a Pinterest addict’s dream.

Scraps KC isn’t just a retail store either. There is an open creative space to come and create with materials for five dollars! In the space, there is a design center with two sewing machines for use and one may either bring their own materials or purchase from the retail shop. Brenda would like to add more machines to the space, and as a non-profit, accepts material or monetary donations. The design center is best suited for teens and adults, but children will love this place too! Scraps KC offers space for birthday parties and classes for kids as well as opportunities for groups to come and create. In December, they will be hosting kids’ workshops on the 3rd, 10th and 17th- what a great way to get some family gifts made and beat the boredom of winter! Teachers, they offer a TEACHER DISCOUNT on Wed-20% off materials to be used in classes.

Volunteer opportunities are available and Brenda invites community members and businesses to help provide a lunch on Fridays for homeless volunteers. We give thanks to Scraps KC for bringing Kansas City an opportunity to bring the community together and create beautiful things as well as give back to those in need. #ShopLocal #GiveLocal #GiveThanksNovember #PromoteKC

Scraps KC is located 1324 W. 12th Street, 2nd floor above Bella Patina and is open Tuesday- Saturday.

About Scraps KC

Scraps KC is a non-profit, creative reuse center that strives to reduce industrial waste and home recyclables through the upcycling and creative reimagining of products and materials normally destined for a landfill. Creative reuse is the process of adding creativity to an already manufactured item to produce a new function in dynamic and artistic ways. Discarded items are resold to the public, such as families, teachers, artists, and other groups for further creative reuse. Workshops, birthday parties and other events also are provided by request. Check the website for the latest events at
Scraps KC at or follow Scraps KC on Facebook.

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