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Inspired creativity and ingenuity that positively impacts the environment, enhances creativity in art and education and provides hope for the homeless

KANSAS CITY, Mo. This week, Scraps KC opens its doors in Kansas City’s West Bottoms as the first “creative reuse center” in Kansas City, Mo., inspiring upcycling and repurposing of recycled household and industrial materials for a wide variety of creative projects and programs. Scraps KC is now located at 1324 W. 12th Street, 2nd Floor, in Kansas City, Mo., adjacent to the 12th Street Bridge. This new non-profit organization provides Kansas City businesses and industrial centers a place to donate their discarded materials and by-products like vinyl, outdoor fabrics, yarn, metals, woods, carpet squares, paper, plastics, cardboard tubes, and much more that would otherwise end up in the landfills. Instead of throwing items into a landfill, businesses donate materials to Scraps KC to be resold to artists, teachers, DIYers, scouts, churches, makers, other individuals and organizations at a dramatically reduced cost. Scraps KC also provides a central location for these individuals and groups to learn about creative reuse and to design works of art for themselves. Scraps KC opens its doors with an inventory of more than 12 tons of materials diverted from the landfills.

“Scraps KC has a multitude of creative, colorful and useful industrial and household materials that would normally end up in a landfill,” said Brenda Mott, creator and founder of Scraps KC. “Our organization helps the environment by reusing industrial and household discards, offering creative education for all ages, serving as a creative space and materials resource for local artists, while providing workshops or parties for kids and adults of all ages.”

Perfect Timing: Scraps KC Loves Seasonal Opportunities

With Halloween and the holidays approaching, Scraps KC offers individuals and groups the opportunity to make costumes or other decorations or gifts for the holidays. Scraps KC provides pre-made, imagination kits for kids, as well as a “make-and-take space” where families can create with different materials.

“We encourage individuals, families or groups to join Scraps KC on early release from school days, weekends or any day of the week,” Mott continued. “Our assortment of materials inspires participants to make one-of-a-kind decorations, costumes and gifts that are unique to each individual creator and are more meaningful and memorable.”

“Our assortment of materials inspires participants to make one-of-a-kind decorations, costumes and gifts that are unique to each individual creator and are more meaningful and memorable.”

Brenda Mott, Founder, Scraps KC

Donating Materials to Scraps KC

Scraps KC collects materials from interested businesses within a 30-mile radius of Kansas City, sending a van on a regular schedule to collect materials left over from production processes or business operations. The organization is very interested in any overruns, by-products or seconds that could be repurposed. Scraps KC also is open to pick up from businesses located beyond the 30-mile radius if they provide unique and useful materials that are hard to find, or can provide popular materials in greater volumes.

Individuals also can donate materials to Scraps KC. Popular materials include household items, yarn, knitting needles, craft materials (open and partially filled), fabric, sewing notions, buttons, old or broken costume jewelry, toilet paper tubes, paper towel tubes, scrapbook papers, scrapbook materials, loose hardware and gift materials (old wrapping paper, ribbons, and bows). Go to the http://www.ScrapsKC.orgfor a list of ideas.

Volunteer Opportunities for the Homeless

Scraps KC provides volunteer opportunities for the homeless with the possibility of earning a paid position, as well as providing them with food and sanctuary while they work. For their time and efforts, they are provided dignity items to assist them with everyday living needs. These items include athletic socks (new only), wallets, full size deodorant, hand warmers, t-shirts/sweatshirts (M-XXL), men’s underwear (new only), durable backpacks, $10 food gift cards, and day ($3) or monthly ($50) bus passes.

“It was amazing. We had six homeless volunteers who were looking for ways to make a difference and use their skills. These individuals may be homeless, but many still have a desire to contribute to the community. They were an integral part of the moving process, organizing the retail store, sorting through and logging the materials and preparing the store to be ready for its opening.”

Hours for Scraps KC are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. On Wednesdays Scraps KC is open late, from 1 p.m. until 7 p.m. To schedule private parties or workshops, go to Activities & Events.

About Scraps KC

Scraps KC is a non-profit, creative reuse center that strives to reduce industrial waste and home recyclables through the upcycling and creative reimagining of products and materials normally destined for a landfill. Creative reuse is the process of adding creativity to an already manufactured item to produce a new function in dynamic and artistic ways. Discarded items are resold to the public, such as families, teachers, artists, and other groups for further creative reuse. Workshops, birthday parties and other events also are provided by request. Check the website for the latest events at
Scraps KC at or follow Scraps KC on Facebook.

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