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Workshops, DJs, and Featured Exhibitors announced for the 4th-Annual Kansas City Zine Con – The Midwest’s DIY Publishing Fest

KANSAS CITY, MO – 2018 Kansas City Zine Con organizers have announced the Featured Exhibitors, Workshop Schedule and DJ Lineup for this year’s DIY Publishing Festival. Workshops will include sessions on DIY event-planning, making zines with children, garden planning, and Civil Disobedience. The list of Featured Tablers and guest DJs includes small presses from Tacoma, WA and Omaha, NE; artists from Warrensburg, MO and Colorado Springs, CO; and zinesters from here in the Kansas City metro.

The 4th annual Kansas City Zine Con will take place on Saturday, September 8th, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m at UMKC’s Pierson Auditorium. The event is free and open the public. KC Zine Con is the Midwest’s DIY Publishing Fest. Zines are DIY publications, traditionally made using a copy machine. Participants at KC Zine Con will exhibit, sell, and trade their independently published zines, comix, books, newspapers, anthologies, tracts, pamphlets, and DIY radical readables of many forms. “At this free event, anyone can come and wander the tables, chat with the incredible artists, make a whole host of new friends, and get tons of zines,” shares conference organizer Dayna Meyer.

2018 Zine Con Workshops

“I’m excited about this year’s workshops. In the spirit of promoting the DIY community, we asked the zine community to propose their own ideas” says conference organizer Stephanie Iser. “Through surveys and outreach, we were able to gather input about what people want to learn and what people can teach others.” This year’s conference includes a workshop for educators and caregivers about the benefits of making zines with children as well as the practical how-to. “We will also have hands-on workshops about making zine covers, gardening with zines, and participating in a local letter writing project called Community Post”.

“Personally speaking, I am very excited to hear r.logios from Logios Press speak about personal zines”.  Words as a Weapon: the Art and Soul of Personal Zines, is a workshop that will invite audience members to listen to a “performance panel” of zine readings. The description states that “audience members will hear readings by personal zine authors and learn how to use words to fight back.” r. Logios writes perzines about identity, existential semi-crises, and saving yourself through the power of words.

For conference goers that want to try organizing their own zine thing, they can learn from those who have already done it. The How to Do It Yourself with Omaha Zine Fest workshop is a presentation with a Q&A about how Omaha Zine Fest was started. The organizers also plan to share information about the creation of their distro, as well as the challenges they’ve faced as two non-cis and non “white-dude” organizers in Omaha, NE. Omaha Zine Fest organizers Andrea Kszystyniak and Daphne Calhoun work at Omaha-area nonprofits. In addition to their love of zines, they share matching zine tattoos.

At the Community Post Workshop led by Emily Cox, people can learn about Community Post, a spontaneous experimental postal network, and the history of sending letters. In addition to this, people can write & send letters of their own via ComPost. Emily H. Cox is a writer and a librarian. She enjoys thinking about power & the flow of information, and also watching Dirty Dancing on repeat.

Cover Up Your Zine is a hands-on workshop presented by ScrapsKC. Leather, paper, maps, and scraps will be available for working on the perfect zine cover. They will also host an all-day crafting room during the run of festival. ScrapsKC is a nonprofit creative reuse center and retail store that inspires creativity in art and education, positively impacts the environment, and provides hope for the homeless.

Ana Maldonado and Rev. Rose Schwab will be presenting a workshop on Civil Disobedience: Tricks, Traps, and Trials. Maldonado and Schwab are activists who were intimately involved with six consecutive weeks of civil disobedience in Kansas last spring, and are residents of Kansas and involved with the Poor People’s Campaign.

Virginia Zetmeir and Abigail Walden are educators who work with children and think zines are an amazing way to empower children to create, take ownership, and get more comfortable with reading and text. They will be presenting a workshop for families, educators, and caregivers about Making Zines with Kids.

Taylor Fourt will be walking people through the how-to’s and dont-do’s of annual garden planning in a zine workshop about Garden Planning with Zines. The workshop will come with a complimentary zine and some seasonal veggies!

For a complete listing of workshops, please visit

Featured Exhibitors

Each year, conference organizers select zinesters, artists, distros and small-presses to showcase their work as the featured exhibitors of the Zine Con. This year’s Featured Exhibitors are: Omaha Zine Fest Distro (Omaha, NE), Neelybat Chestnut from Mend My Dress Press (Tacoma, WA), SugarBeans Shop (Kansas City, MO), Casey Babb (Warrensburg, MO), Kels Choo (Colorado Springs, CO), Logios Press & Distribution (Lincoln, NE), Taylor Fourt (Kansas City, MO), and HearQueer (Kansas City, MO).

The Omaha Zine Fest Distro table will display zines, art, patches, and other items of note by zinesters from Nebraska and the surrounding areas.

Mend My Dress Press is a small publisher and zine distributor specializing in anthologies of zines, small art books, investigative social pieces, and authors from Tacoma, WA.

SugarBeans Shop owners believe that creativity breeds possibility. From dream guides, to coloring books, their zines come with a sprinkle of sweet and a dash of dark humor.

Casey Babb – the designer of this year’s Zine Con poster – will distribute zines, mixed media, and collage at his table.

Kels Choo’s work is heavily influenced by nostalgia, monsters, magic, and whimsy.

Logios is a tiny zine press & distro specializing in works (mainly personal zines) that exemplify the practice of saving yourself with the power of your own words.

Taylor Fourt is an artist from “Sweet Home Alabama” currently living in Kansas City, MO. She has been busying herself within KC’s arts and agricultural communities and acts as Programming Director at Manheim Gardens, a local urban farm.

HearQueer is a zine that amplifies queer voices in music through interviews, album reviews, and playlists creation.

In addition to the featured exhibitors, over a hundred zine makers and artists will be on site to exhibit and share their comix, booklets, zines, and art at the conference.

DJs, Sponsors & Organizers

Zine Con continues their tradition of hosting local DJs to provide the necessary beats to get through a long day of zine-swapping and shopping. 2018 DJs include: DJ Xavier, a local music producer,  DJ Dusty, whose focus is on gay minimal wave/new wave and DIY queer dance punk, and DJ Piper, a KKFI volunteer and host/producer of many shows including Global Roots Radio.

KC Zine Con is produd to be sponsored by Neither/Nor Zine Distro, LaBudde Special Collections, ScrapsKC, Broadway Roasting Company, It’s a Beautiful Day, Revolution Records, InnerSpace Yoga, Oddities Prints, One More Cup, and the Johnson County Library.

The 2018 KC Zine Con Organizers are Jessica Hogan, Dayna Meyer, Katie Hogan, Stephanie Iser, Isidoro Leon, Bev Davidson, and JC Sparks.

“I’m really excited about the social events leading up to the big day!,” says conference organizer Jess Hogan “ We’ve built a lot of momentum over the last 4 years to the point that we have consistently been holding events during the off season and in the months leading up to this year’s con. We facilitated a mini zine workshop in the fall at Imagine That!, hosted a perzine (short for personal zine) workshop at Cherry Pit Collective, collaborated with the Community Post project at Open House, hosted a Teen Zine Club at the Johnson County Library, provided interactive programming at The Drugstore’s open studio, are facilitating a Catalog-a-thon to kick off the Neither/nor Zine Library, and are having a Bingo/”Zingo” night at the Brick. To sum it up, I’m excited that our community is thriving! As an annual one day event, KC Zine Con is able to expose folks to zines, an accessible and versatile medium, which has the lasting effects of empowering individuals and building community year round.”

“I’m excited that our community is thriving! As an annual one day event, KC Zine Con is able to expose folks to zines, an accessible and versatile medium, which has the lasting effects of empowering individuals and building community year-round.”

Jess Hogan, conference organizer

Why Zines? Why a Zine Con?

2018 Zine Con Organizers have worked hard to secure funding, partnerships, and sponsors because they believe zines and the community around them are important. They believe that  zine makers deserve a space to share their ideas with others. Being a KC Zine Con organizer allows me to help build a space where connections and interactions can happen. Every Zine Con I am always most excited for that moment when I walk into the Con and see the event in full swing,” shares organizer Katie Hogan.  “I love seeing the place alive with tablers and visitors and everyone bustling with conversations and questions and curiosity.  It truly amazes me every time!  It’s inspiring to me to see so many people come together to share their ideas and creativity with one another.”

When asked why she supports zines and zine making, organizer Stephanie Iser states, “When zines are created and shared, we create a community of ideas where everyone’s voice and experience matters. They can be a powerful tool that gives voice. Everyone has something of value to contribute and a zine is a powerful way to express that.” Conference organizer Isidoro Leon adds, “Now more than ever there is an urgent need to learn to express your ideas, make noise, write them and share them with anyone who wants to read it.”

When asked why she is involved with organizing, Jess Hogan shared, “I am so passionate about zines!  They have been an obsession of mine since I first discovered their magic. “Finding” something that’s existed longer than I have that makes me feel connected to people locally and globally has acted as a safety net that has comforted, encouraged, and inspired me. Cultivating alternatives in a society that teaches homogeny is what motivates and excites me about zine culture. Organizing KC Zine Con is an opportunity to share my passion of independent publishing with others. I know first hand how empowering and accessible zines are and want to share them with everyone!  I’m so proud of this event and feel that the DIY community we are building is a great asset for anyone seeking authentic connections.”

“I like the fact that it is growing every year and that there is a younger generation discovering what zines are all about and really being into it,” concluded Isidoro Leon.  

For more information, please visit

To access download KC Zine Con poster art or images of featured tablers and organizers, please visit our Press Page.

Please direct all media inquiries to: KC Zine Con

or call 817.781.4203

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