ReVision: Fashion with Compassion Overview:

ScrapsKC is delighted to present ReVision: Fashion with Compassion, the first of ScrapsKC’s annual fashion show fundraiser! To continue our mission of diverting waste from the landfill, this event will celebrate how materials can live past their intended purpose.

Tickets for ReVision Now Available:

Tickets for the first annual ReVision: Fashion with Compassion upcycled fashion show are available at ScrapsKC ReVision: Fashion with Compassion Event.   Ticket prices are $35 for ages 18 and over, and $20 for age 17 and under, with an early bird discount of $5 off available while supplies last. 



We want to showcase your creativity! ScrapsKC is looking for artists and designers, from novice to professional, to submit your designs for consideration in our show. All designs for this show must be made primarily of post consumer or repurposed materials, and respond to our theme for 2019: FUTURE.  

If your design is selected, ScrapsKC will provide all materials from our storefront.

Deadline for application is May 31st, 2019.

We will not accept any entries after this day.

Registration Fee: $35 (to be paid via digital invoice).

You may apply as an individual designer or a team. ReVision design teams may include up to four people, and designers can create more than one look if space is available on the program. Thirty designers from the field of entries will be accepted.  If you are selected to participate, the registration fee will cover all material costs and two (optional) open studio days with a ScrapsKC facilitator to assist in construction and troubleshooting. Additionally, each individual designer will be awarded two tickets to the event, while design team members will receive one ticket to the event.

Designers must secure their own model. (The model does not have to be part of the design team.) Most importantly: Designs must be original!


To enter, we ask for 5-10 sketches of your design idea. These sketches should illustrate how your garment will interpret this year’s theme: FUTURE. These sketches can take the form of drawings, material collections, mood boards, photographs, collages, or any other method of showing your ideas.

All designs for the fashion show must be composed of post-consumer materials. These are non-hazardous materials that have served their intended use and have been diverted or recovered from being discarded. ScrapsKC will provide all materials for your creation, including access to the in-store sewing machines and two optional open studio days with a facilitator.

While new materials may be necessary for creating your piece, new materials should account for less than 15% of the design. Binding materials might include:

o   Non-toxic Adhesives – hot glue, Modge Podge, PVA – no industrial sealants

o   Tape – masking, Scotch, Duct (great for covering sharp edges)

o   String – yarn, string, thread or twine

New Materials should not be the focal point of the design. While the use of new materials is not a disqualifier, the design’s purpose should be to showcase the creative use of post-consumer materials, a goal that will be key during the ReVision judging process. Footwear, jewelry, purses, wigs, and other accessories may be used to enhance the overall costume. Designers are encouraged to create their own accessories, or design teams may split different components of the costume amongst themselves. Used or vintage clothing will not be considered post-consumer. However, clothing that has been ripped or ruined beyond repair may be useful as long as it is transformed and reflective of the theme: FUTURE.

Outfits must be safe and clean. For example, do not use: glass, Styrofoam, food waste, splintery wood, materials contaminated with food residue, or wet material.

Modesty: Your design must cover the body wherever a swimsuit would. You may wear clothing beneath your look for modesty, though this should be considerate of your design.

Craftsmanship: ScrapsKC will be looking for quality craftsmanship. Your garment must be durable enough for wear throughout the fashion show and photoshoot without shedding significant debris or detritus.

ScrapsKC will provide all supplies necessary for your project. ScrapsKC will keep a log of materials and their weight during your participation in the fashion show.

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ReVision: Fashion with Compassion Awards

There will be an awards ceremony held the night of the event. Categories include:

Best Overall

Most Transformed Use of Material

Most Creative Theme Interpretation

Most Surprising

Crowd Favorite

Emerging Talent Award

The Possum Award

Judging Criteria

Criteria 0/1 2 3 4
Use of Recycled and Repurposed Materials        
Theme Interpretation        
Overall Affect        

Outfits will be rated by a panel of 5 judges and prizes will be awarded. Designers and models will meet with the judges prior to the start of the runway event to view designs up close and learn about the materials used.