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ScrapsKC, a non-profit creative reuse center and retail store, launched its newly designed website The organization sought a firm to design, develop and implement a new ScrapsKC website in order to increase awareness of what they do and provide visitors with a better online experience.

ScrapsKC awarded the UX (user experience) agency ZIV the contract. ZIV, founded in 2004, provides organizations with solutions grounded in a customer focused perspective. With the new ScrapsKC website serving as the non-profit’s primary communication tool to a variety of customer types, it was important to ensure the site was structured in the most optimal way to inform the community about volunteer opportunities, education around reuse and repurpose, retail store information and homeless and school support programs.

“With a heart and passion for the work ScrapsKC does,” says Cara Miller, Founder and Chief Creative Strategist for ZIV, “we were eager to dive in and ensure the website optimally communicated every way this great organization touches the KC community. With a full curation of content, an updated look, and user centered navigation, ScrapsKC can better tell the story of how their work changes people, places and things, and most importantly how the community can get involved.”

“ScrapsKC seeks partners that are positively inspired to support our mission around education, environmental sustainability, and the homeless” says Executive Director Brenda Mott. “ZIV has created a dynamic new website for Scraps that produces a stimulating user experience, expanding awareness and promoting action that enables progress within our communities in and around Kansas City.”

Visit the redesigned website at to learn more about ScrapsKC and explore the new website.

About ZIV:
ZIV has offices in greater Kansas City and Denver, CO. Whether it’s creating a brand, implementing a digital solution to disrupt an industry, transforming a customer’s experience to gain loyalty, or executing a marketing strategy for needed growth – they’ve got you covered. Explore their capabilities and past work at

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