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average out-of-pocket teachers spend annually on school supplies


teachers who have received free school supplies from ScrapsKC since 2016


students have been impacted by free supplies from ScrapsKC since 2016



pounds of school and office supplies in 2023 diverted by ScrapsKC


sheets of notebook paper requested in one district for 2,925 students


washable markers requested for grades K-6 in a local elementary school


I haven’t received my first paycheck and I didn’t know how I was going to pay for my classroom supplies. - First year teacher

Do I pay my rent or buy my child’s school supplies? Parent to a middle school teacher

I teach art to 600 students. My budget this year is 50 cents per child. Elementary Art Teacher

What to Know

Teachers spend personal time searching for free and inexpensive supplies for their students and curriculum needs.

Donating unwanted school and office supplies to ScraspKC saves on janitorial and disposal costs and keeps working supplies in circulation.

Prepackaged school supply fundraisers discourage reusing of school supplies and create enormous amounts of waste annually. 


The Steven and Alexandra Cohen Foundation has granted $58,200 to ScrapsKC

to hire a social worker to provide homeless individuals, transitioning into housing, workplace opportunities and references.

122 unique homeless community members have made over 2,300 visits to ScrapsKC providing over 8,300 hours of service.

Our homeless community provides valuable skills to assist in processing donations and packaging supplies for our Teacher Resource Center.

Maybe if I had these supplies when I was in school I wouldn’t be homeless. - Homeless volunteer

If I lived near my children in Chicago, I would help them at their school.- Homeless volunteer

What Your Gift Can Do


Provides pencils for three classrooms teachers


Provides crayons and glue sticks to one classroom teacher


Provides a teacher with one year of supplies for one student


Provides a teacher with supplies for one academic year ($1,000 value)

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