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Please read the following prior to visiting the Teacher Resource Center

The Teacher Resource Center at ScrapsKC

3269 Roanoke Road 
Kansas City, Missouri 64111


Sydney Kindberg

Miranda Rohn


  • The Teacher Resource Center provides classroom materials to eligible K-12 teachers for use in public, private, and charter schools in eligible districts.
  • Eligible districts are located within the ScrapsKC service radius in Cass, Clay, Platte, Jackson (MO), Wyandotte, and Johnson (KS) Counties.
  • Pre-K teachers teaching in a school district sponsored Pre-K or private K-8 school, in eligible districts are also eligible to shop.
  • Applications will be verified before teachers can obtain membership and schedule a shopping experience.
  • Substitutes, including building and long term subs, are not eligible.

Application & Enrollment

  • Applications can be completed year-round and must be completed in full to be considered for participation. Applications will be reviewed for eligibility and verified on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Teachers will be notified of their verification and will need to read and sign the terms and agreeement before being able to schedule a shopping experience.
  • Due to limited school supplies, a limited number of teachers will be allowed to participate each quarter.

Shopping Experience

  • The Teacher Resource  Center (TRC) is open quarterly Wednesday-Friday from 3:00-6:00pm and Saturdays from 12:00-6:00pm to a limited number of teachers
  • Shopping is by appointment only and teachers may only shop 1 time per quarter.
  • Teachers must bring their photo school ID and 3 sturdy bags/boxes to each shopping experience.
  • Sign-ups for shopping experiences will be available 2 weeks before each quarter.


  • In ANY circumstance that a teacher does not show up for a scheduled appointment without any communication with ScrapsKC, the teacher will lose the privilege of shopping at the TRC for the remainder of the school year.
  • Any shopping appointment that needs to be rescheduled must be done online AT LEAST 24 hours in advance. The online system will not allow a reschedule within the 24-hour window. Once again, in the event of a no-show, the teacher will lose the privilege of shopping at the TRC for the remainder of the school year.
  • In the event of inclement weather, ScrapsKC may still be open even if not all school districts remain open. When schools close for inclement weather, creating a conflict for a teacher to attend their shopping experience, the TRC will work to accommodate reschedule requests for teachers that request it within the 24-hour window.

Policies and Procedures

  1. Teachers must show up for their scheduled shopping experience. Teachers failing to take advantage of a scheduled shopping experience will have their shopping privileges revoked. The scheduled time could have been used by another teacher.
  2. All teachers must present a photo school ID each time they check in to shop. You will not be allowed to shop without your ID.
  3. Teachers must bring three sturdy bags or boxes for their selected items.
  4. It is permissible to bring a shopping companion for assistance only if the primary shopper is sight impaired or requires medical assistance. If you require these accommodations, please email before your shopping appointment. No children, spouses, or unregistered teachers are permitted to accompany shoppers. Children may not be left unattended in the general ScrapsKC store.
  5. Items provided by the Teacher Resource Center are for use in your classroom and for your students only. Teachers found shopping for other teachers or for purposes other than their classroom will have their shopping privileges revoked. Reselling of any merchandise is not permitted. Any participants found to be reselling or employing the items for personal use by themselves, their families, or other organizations without explicit permission from ScrapsKC will have their privileges revoked.
  6. The Teacher Resource Center is not responsible for determining the appropriateness of materials for students or classrooms. It is the responsibility of the shopper to determine the appropriateness of materials for their students and classroom.
  7. All items in the store are available on a "first come, first serve" and "as is" basis. The Teacher Resource Center makes every effort to assure items in the store are in working order.
  8. Item limits are placed on certain items to ensure sufficient inventory for all teachers. If you need more than the limit, the TRC staff will do their best to direct teachers to comparable materials in the ScrapsKC creative reuse center that can be purchased out of pocket for a 20% discount. This discount only applies to materials that teachers will be using in their classroom.
  9. Large items, such as furniture pieces, are not the responsibility of ScrapsKC staff to move or transport. If a teacher selects a large item during their shopping experience and cannot safely transport it, the items will be held for seven (7) calendar days allowing the teacher time to make necessary transportation arrangements. A companion may be brought to assist in moving large items from the TRC.


Inquiries specific to Teacher Resource Center can be sent to or call ScrapsKC at 816-522-4305.

Non-Profit Status

The Teacher Resource Center is a program operated by ScrapsKC. ScrapsKC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Supply or financial donations to ScrapsKC is tax-deductible. A receipt for donations will be provided upon request.