Materials We Accept

Materials We Accept

Donated Materials and Items We Accept

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Hello and thank you for considering donating to Scraps KC, Kansas City’s first creative reuse center. Think of us as a thrift store for artists, teachers, families and craftspeople alike. With that in mind, please take note/respect/read through our NEW donation guidelines. We have a small staff and thanks to Kansas City’s HUGE support, we are changing the way we accept items. These new guidelines will allow us to more effectively care for Kansas City’s environment, education and homeless.

We accept donations of clean and usable art and craft supplies, school and office supplies, fabric and notions, and miscellaneous creative materials . We greatly appreciate if you organize your materials in advance. For example: fabric folded, small items bagged, similar items grouped together.

Donations are accepted during retail hours; no appointment is needed. Please review our list of materials that we accept or are not accepting at this time. If you have questions about your donated items or your items are not on the list, please contact the store.

Home Scraps

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This list changes regularly. Please check back often for what we are accepting. If you are unsure if we accept it, please email us a list or pictures before bringing to Scraps.


  • Boxes or Bags with mold, animal droppings, or insects
  • Broken Glass, Ceramics, or Dishes
  • Completed or Partially Completed Craft Projects/Artwork
  • Computer Ink/Toner
  • Food Contaminated Containers
  • Food Packaging and Containers (including grocery containers and home tupperware)
  • Furniture + Electronics
  • Hardened Clay, Play Doh, or Paints
  • Household Dishware (mugs, plates etc.)
  • Items that are Broken
  • Large Metal Tins
  • Large Plastic Lids (>a milk jug lid)
  • Large Toys
  • Magazines + Newspapers
  • Random Metal Pieces (small organized hardware and tools are ok)
  • Styrofoam + Packing Peanuts (the biodegradable type is ok)
  • Torn Out Paper
  • Tiles Larger Than 3” Square


  • Books and Curriculm (Art/Textile books ok)
  • CD Jewel Cases (CDs ok)
  • Corks
  • Folded Shirt Boxes
  • Greeting Cards (not even the fronts) & Envelopes
  • Hanging file folders
  • Household Glassware (Vases, candle accessories, food jars – Mason jars ok)
  • Large Cardboard Tubes
  • Leagal size office paper (glossy ok)
  • Medicine bottles
  • Packing paper
  • Plastic utensils
  • Plastic bags of any kind
  • Rolls of wallpaper
  • Raffia & Crinkle paper
  • Road Maps & Atlases
  • Toilet Paper Rolls (Paper towel size ok)
  • Trophies
  • Wooden (rubber) and Foam Stamps
  • Wrapping paper
  • VHS Tapes
  • Vinyl Records


  • Fabric: Clean, unused and neatly rolled, folded or stacked
  • Handiwork Supplies
  • Interfacing
  • Knitting/Crocheting Supplies
  • Notions
  • Ribbon
  • Sewing Supplies
  • Stuffing/Batting
  • Yarn and Thread: Neatly wrapped skeins, cakes, spools or balls


  • Household Linens (Bedding, Towels, Table Linens, Curtains)
  • Whole or Partial Garments
  • Completed/Partially Completed Projects (Sewing, Knitting/Crocheting or Craft Projects)
  • Any Fabric or Yarn that is:
  • Dirty/Stained
  • Wet/Mildewed
  • Exposed to Bugs or Rodents
  • Exposed to Heavy Smoke
  • Tangled/Wadded Up

Business Scraps

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Reduce waste and recycling costs by donating manufacturing seconds, overruns, by-product materials, and office supplies.

Manufacturing seconds
Tape (partial roll, ok)

By-product materials
Paper Clips
Manufacturing by-products

Full tissue boxes
Left over party goods
Hole punchers

School Supplies

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Whether used for our Adopt a Class program or creatively transformed in our make and take space, you can be sure your items will be sustainably used.

Paper (unused)
Glue bottles (partially full, too!)
Glue sticks

Gently used school supplies
Crayons, not broken
Colorful bottle caps
Gift bags
Note pads
Paint brushes

Full tissue boxes
Left over party goods
Gently used classroom decor
Ziploc bags
Hand sanitizer

Design Center Machines & Items

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We would like to equip our Design Center with a library of machines. If you have equipment to donate or would like to make a monetary donation toward our Design Center, please contact us.

Grommet tool

Cutting mats
Rotary cutters and blades

Jewelry tool kit
Soldering gun

Homeless Care Supplies

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The homeless and hopeless throughout the metro area are always in need of dignity and survival items, including homeless workers at Scraps KC.

New Only
*Disposable Razors
*Men’s underwear (M-L)
Hand/Toe warmers

*Items we need immediately.

New or Gently Used
*Jeans (size 32-36)
Reading glasses
Blankets/sleeping bags
Large durable backpacks
*Long underwear
*Hand sanitizer

Bus Passes & Gift Cards
Daily ($3) or monthly ($50) bus passes
$10 gift cards to Quizno’s, Pizza Hut, Chipoltle or Jimmy Johns