Materials We Accept

Materials We Accept

Donated Materials and Items We Accept

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Donations are accepted during retail hours except the first Friday/Saturday of every month. Contact us to discuss your donation and schedule a delivery time. If you need assistance reaching our second floor location or have a large donation, please enter at the loading dock, call us and we will bring you up on our 100 year-old freight elevator!

All recyclables must be clean and sorted before donating. Please do not donate any items that have food or food residue.

Business Scraps

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Reduce waste and recycling costs by donating manufacturing seconds, overruns, by-product materials, and office supplies.

Manufacturing seconds
Paper (full sheets, not crumbled)
Pens (not working, ok)
Tape (partial roll, ok)

By-product materials
Paper Clips

Empty/full tissue boxes
Left over party goods
Empty tape cores
Hole punchers

Home Scraps

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This is a suggested list of items that we accept for donation. Be creative! Items might be accepted if not on the list below. If you are unsure if we accept it, please email us a list or pictures before bringing to Scraps.

Vegetable rubber bands
Natural Corks
Bread bag tags
Extra party goods
Colorful lids
Wire bag twists (unused)
Kids’ artwork
School supplies
Fast food meal toys
Junk drawer items
File folders
Pens/markers (dried up, ok)
Fabric yardage
Sewing items
Knitting needles
Paint canvasses

Embroidery floss
Magnets (broken, ok)
Tape (partial, ok)
Empty tape cores
Games (missing pieces, ok)
Soda pop tops
Bottle caps
Nuts, bolts, metal hardware
Mason jars
Left over art supplies
Puzzles (missing pieces, ok)
Tissue paper
Wrapping paper
Bedding packaging
Clothes pins
Small plastic action figures & animals

Plastic skirt hangers
Crayons (broken, ok)
Goody bag toys
Sheet music
Baby food containers
Zipper baggies
Plastic ice cube trays
Tongue depressors
Florist beads/marbles
Stamp pads
Playing cards (partial, ok)
Net bags
Craft stash
Acrylic Paint

School Supplies

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Whether used for our Adopt a Class program or creatively transformed in our make and take space, you can be sure your items will be sustainably used.

Markers (dried up, too!)
Paper (full sheets, not crumbled)
Glue bottles (partially full, too!)
Glue sticks and containers
Pens (not working, ok)

Old school supplies
Crayons (broken or not)
Lids and bottle caps
Gift bags
Note pads
Paint brushes

Empty/full tissue boxes
Left over party goods
Gently used classroom decor
Ziploc bags
Hand sanitizer

Design Center Machines & Items

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We would like to equip our Design Center with a library of machines, and we can always use more sewing machines. If you have equipment to donate or would like to make a monetary donation toward our Design Center, please contact us.

Book binding machine
Grommet tool
Button maker
Sewing machines

Cutting mats
Rotary cutters and blades
Paper cutter

Light box
Jewelry tool kit
Soldering gun

Homeless Care Supplies

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The homeless and hopeless throughout the metro area are always in need of dignity and survival items, including homeless workers at Scraps KC.

New Only
Packages of men’s underwear
(Briefs or boxers size M-XXL)
Packages of women’s underwear (size S-L)
Packages of athletic socks
Full size deodorant
Canned soups or meats with pop top lids
Sanitary pads
Hand Sanitizer

New or Gently Used
T-shirts/sweatshirts (These can be left over from an event size M-XXL)
Men’s and women’s pants (including sweat pants and hunting wear)
Men’s and women’s wallets
Women’s athletic shoes
Blankets/sleeping bags
Durable backpacks
Cosmetic bags or purses

Bus Passes & Gift Cards
Daily ($3) or monthly ($50) bus passes
$10 gift cards to Quizno’s, Pizza Hut or Jimmy Johns

Adopting a Teacher? Learn What Your Donation Buys.

Adopt a Class Levels
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